Lucky Luna - The token that's been designed to PUMP

Lucky Luna Crypto has been carefully designed to achieve a single purpose – Protecting our investors! Anti-Bot, No BotSnipes and Tokenomics will benefit our investors, the coin and consistently take it to new heights.

Lucky Luna Crypto Tokenomics

Tokenomics have been perfectly designed to ensure there is constant buy pressure and high volume. Taxes paid in BNB and thoughtfully designed to reduce whale manipulation of the chart.

Initial Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000

85% Initial Liquidity

5.8% for sale and 2.4% for buy added automatically to the liquidity. LuckyLuna has implemented a Positive Price Pressure algorithm where those percentages are added to the liquidity just as BNB. That generated that the amount that the pair bnb - Lucky Luna grows disproportionately, pushing the price up.

Taxes are charged in BNB, so the marketing wallet doesn't have to dump the price, in order to access funds.

Prize pool is also collected in BNB, giving the lucky winners the chance to either re-buy the token, or keep the money as BNB. Also, the community can decide if they prefer to use that money to buy the token and burn them, making them impossible to be used again.

Lucky Luna is using a brand new technology that doesn't exist anywhere else, this includes configurable limits to buy and sell to prevent whales, anti-bot protection and Positive Price Pressure mechanisms.

No other token can collect taxes without dumping the price, that makes us unique

Is this SAFU?

YES! Our CEO is doxed and due to our contract design, it is one of the safest tokens you can be involved in. We also plan to do audits on the code and our dev will make himself available to explain it to anybody that wants to take a deeper dive.


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