Lucky Luna Team Update - October 3


Yup, pretty exciting day for the whole team and our community. We've all worked very hard to get to this point.

AND we launched LIVE, on video screen-share(!) with our community sitting in.

Our Dev, Diego, went through the code and explained everything as he went.

We were so busy getting Lucky Luna Token launched, that we didn't get our update out until now. In addition to finalizing the contract and launching, here's some other activities we were up to last week: Website updated & overhauled

+ All pages revised & translated

+ Multiple language translations added

+ LunaSwap page added

+ Blog posts created and published

Social media posts and marketing collateral created and posted

A metric shit-ton of testing and tweaking the token to get it ready for launch

Preliminary discussion with influencers

Creating more international communities

We also asked one of our community members to do a guest post and tell you in his own words, what attracted him to our project. Thanks Kevin!


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