From the Lucky Luna Crypto Executive team

Brad CEO:

"Hey all, we are still testing to make sure we present a product you deserve. We know the wait will be worth it and will follow up with news as we get it. This Brand new Contract with a positive price pressure mechanism will be amazing! And we look forward to the time we can Launch it. We don't know how long all the testing will take, but it is our only priority right now and we appreciate your patience. Thanks!"

Diego CTO:

***Too busy testing and fixing code to comment***

Mert CCO:

"Hello all, we're super excited that you have all joined us for this amazing experience. We truly believe this coin is history in the making and are pumped that you are here to witness it and take part in the launch that will happen as soon as our testing is complete!"

Angie COO:

"I'm so proud of our team and community and all that's been accomplished so far! Our telegram communities have doubled in the last week and so has our social following.

Everyone has doubled down and gone all -in to grow and build a fantastic following for what will be an incredible launch! We're looking forward to what will surely be an exciting time for all very soon!"


"Diego is creating a contract from scratch, that has the ability for add-ons and is also an exchange that is not a clone, with very unique tokenomics and some surprise elements. It has required significant effort, special coding, and continual testing at every stage while making sure it plays nice with Pancake Swap and Binance. Diego has not only found many flaws in the standard contract model but also with PancakeSwap, and how Binance operates as well.

Also, please remember, the vast majority of Crypto projects released have you put money into a project they have yet to figure out and is typically vanilla stuff in the end. Then, it becomes another pump-and-dump where only a few benefit and goes nowhere. Lucky Luna is working to become a next-generation token. A new standard.

So hang tight for official announcements and some time frames. If we could say tomorrow we would, and it could be ready, but we don't want to overcommit. Either way, we will give regular updates. "

Thank You, From the Lucky Luna Team!

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